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Format data based on locale

Angular provides the following built-in data transformation pipes. The data transformation pipes use the LOCALE_ID token to format data based on rules of each locale.

Data transformation pipe Details
DatePipe Formats a date value.
CurrencyPipe Transforms a number into a currency string.
DecimalPipe Transforms a number into a decimal number string.
PercentPipe Transforms a number into a percentage string.

Use DatePipe to display the current date

To display the current date in the format for the current locale, use the following format for the DatePipe.

{{ today | date }}

Override current locale for CurrencyPipe

Add the locale parameter to the pipe to override the current value of LOCALE_ID token.

To force the currency to use American English (en-US), use the following format for the CurrencyPipe

{{ amount | currency : 'en-US' }}

HELPFUL: The locale specified for the CurrencyPipe overrides the global LOCALE_ID token of your application.

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