ng cache

Angular CLI saves a number of cachable operations on disk by default.

When you re-run the same build, the build system restores the state of the previous build and re-uses previously performed operations, which decreases the time taken to build and test your applications and libraries.

To amend the default cache settings, add the cli.cache object to your Workspace Configuration. The object goes under cli.cache at the top level of the file, outside the projects sections.

            {  "$schema": "./node_modules/@angular/cli/lib/config/schema.json",  "version": 1,  "cli": {    "cache": {      // ...    },  },  "projects": {},}

For more information, see cache options.

Cache environments

By default, disk cache is only enabled for local environments. The value of environment can be one of the following:

  • all - allows disk cache on all machines.
  • local - allows disk cache only on development machines.
  • ci - allows disk cache only on continuous integration (CI) systems.

To change the environment setting to all, run the following command:

            ng config cli.cache.environment all

For more information, see environment in cache options.

The Angular CLI checks for the presence and value of the CI environment variable to determine in which environment it is running.

Cache path

By default, .angular/cache is used as a base directory to store cache results.

To change this path to .cache/ng, run the following command:

            ng config cli.cache.path ".cache/ng"


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